Compote of Fennel, Onion, Pancetta, and Golden Raisins

Fennel was my mother-in-law’s favorite vegetable. I never had it until I found this recipe in our local paper.


Now this is one of my favorite side-dishes!


Thinly slice 1 onion (I forgot to thinly slice when I made it this time.  It was still good!)

Thinly slice 1 fennel bulb

Dice 2 oz of pancetta (I used 2 slices of organic nitrite-free bacon since that’s what I had)

1/4 cup of golden raisins.



Add the pancetta (or bacon) to a pan and let cook.


Add the onion, fennel, and raisins.


Stir.  Stir some more.

Let start to brown and reduce.

Lower heat (from medium/medium-high) to lowish. Cover and let reduce by about 1/2.


Raise heat a little, uncover, and let brown up a bit. Eat. Enjoy!


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